Pear Cider Splash

What Is Product Photography?

“What In the World Is Product Photography!?!?”

Greetings everyone from Studio B aka Brian Buckner Photography!

Today’s writings, not unlike all I do, stray somewhat from the norm.  Hey!  I won’t be helping it either as I don’t want to; I love the beat of a different drummer, like me!  That works out so great because art is a form of self expression where you get to say what you want in the way that you like; you don’t even have to use words if you don’t want.  Ladies and gentlemen, I am an artist and a photographer.  I use my camera to create my art; my medium is photography.

The topic of creating art brings me to tell you some things. My interest in photography  began because of my love of the outdoors and the desire to see what’s over the next hill.  I wanted to capture forever all the cool things I see outside so I could share those same things with others who may not have been as fortunate in their travels as I have.  I am certainly a landscape photographer and have produced much meaningful landscape imagery which has given me and others much pleasure.

Next was the art of photographing people.  As humans, the thing we find most interesting to view is simply other humans.  I know that’s a broad brush stroke but it is a fact.  So, I like to use the inverted light triangles on the cheeks of women to add depth and breadth to their portrait imagery.  In photographing people, it is important to remember that you must capture their essence in your work so when their portrait is viewed, the viewer will know something of the subject just by studying the photograph.  Also, you must have interesting shadows to have interesting light.  All of these items work together in telling the photographic story of the persons face.

That’s enough about just two of the different types of photography that I perform.  If you’ll consider this, I am dependant on the landscape and outdoor light to be interesting for landscape work.  It is the same with portraits although if they are inside I do control the light.  I have no control over the subjects emotions or what God made them look like.  I must accept the clay I am given and mold and shape it with imagery to show the person in the best light possible for the story they are needing to tell to be the most effective.

I am a commercial photographer who photographs things, places, buildings people, events, etc.  You know my work, you’ve looked at it many times.  Now, another type of photography is coming, a new door is opening and I am creating every smidgen of what I photograph.

Here is product photography!!  Light!?  No problem, I make my own just the way I like it.  Scene!?  No problem, I create one just the way I like it.  Prop(s)!?  Well of course; I simply pick the ones I like and I place them where I see fit.  Product!?  That’s different, the person who is paying me selects the product and pays me to show it in the very best light possible.  I do work with art directors in closely planning how a particular shot will be laid out for it’s story to be told.  Most of the time, after clients see my work, I am released by them to design and photograph as I see fit.  So, in product photography, I get to control all or almost all the elements which certainly broadens my latitude in being able to construct and then interpret with my imagery a scene I design.

In the preparation of a product photography portfolio, you must be able to show people how you can make their product look so super great, over the top, one of a kind, can’t live without, gotta have it,…now!!  You have to prove that you have the technical and artistic merits necessary to make their ad campaign a roaring and visual success netting them gobs of new and return business.  You must instill confidence by showing only the most premium work.  You will need shots that impart motion/movement to the 2d world of only and x/y axis!  So, I have been working, planning, devising and preparing my product photography portfolio.  THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THIS BEING DONE IN MY AREA.

PEAR CIDER SPLASH  is a combination of 37 photographs/separate exposures.  I spent a couple of days getting the exposures I needed(about 800 of them) and a couple of more in Photoshop putting all my imagery together to form this one final photograph.  My story?! Pears and water come together/collide and in the process, pear cider is born!  Those are the ingredients of pear cider; pears and water and then the fermentation process.  Parts of Studio B were a wet swimming pool when the shoot wrapped up.  This is product photography.

Dancing pears, splashing water, cold bright bottles full of something you want to taste; this is but one example!  Stay tuned for other cool products but better yet, ring my cell and let’s open a dialogue about putting your product in the limelight!