“Displaced” – Route 66 West, Albuquerque, New Mexico – 2015

I recorded this photograph on February 6, 2015. Thats just two days more than a year ago. It was at the time that Edie and were really putting teeth into our Ecuadorian relocation plan. I retrieved the photograph from my files on it’s one year anniversary date and finished developing it in post processing.

Edie and I are now on the eve of our departure. Before the week is out, we will be living in Ecuador.

I just keep wondering if this is how Edie and I will appear to others as we wait at a bus stop in some city in Ecuador. Will I be gripping a small remnant of paper in my hand and just generally wondering if everything will be OK? Will I stare at the person photographing me in fear and or anger? Is this how we will appear to the native Ecuadorian population?

Will we too be “displaced” or just beginning the adventure of a lifetime as a known world and an unknown world collide head on with the energy of the Brian and Edie partnership behind it?!

Ladies and gentlemen, friends, acquaintances, I have bet it all on Brian and Edie. All our possessions in the entire world have been reduced to 9 suitcases and a large checked Pelican case. We also have custom sized carry-on Pelican cases with even more photo gear in them. Virtually all our clothing is technical although I did keep a suit and a pair of slacks; Edie has a dress or two. We’ve got rain gear and mountaineering gear to die for though!

I’ll let you all know what I find in Ecuador so stay tuned if you like. If you are one of many who cruise by here to look and haven’t made friends yet, this could be a great time for you to join in and like this page or my regular Brian Buckner page.

I’ll be starting a blog through my brianbucknerphotography.com site. My readers should expect a varied palette in both my photography and my writings.

See you all in Ecuador where our door will always be open to friends and other world travelers!